Article Writing Formula

Hello and welcome back. In this video tutorial, I will walk you through the steps to write your own article to kick-start your own article marketing.

There are 3 main sections in an article. These sections include the introduction, points as well as the conclusion. Before writing your article, the rule of thumb is to keep your word limit to 1000 and ensure that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword density is at least 5%.

This means if your article is entitled “How To Be A Millionaire In 100 Days”, you need to have the related keywords that is ‘millionaire’ and ‘100 days’ as well as the different effective methods in becoming a millionaire.

As a result, when people are searching for topics related to your article, your article will show up first in the search engine results page because of the keyword density.

Firstly, let’s look at the introduction. Your introduction is important as it determines the entire flow of the article. It is also what keeps your audience tuned in until the end. Therefore, keep it as simple and cut to the chase.

Next, is your main body of points. It is advisable to stick to the 5x5 rule. This simply means you need to come up with 5 main points and 5 sub points. An article without a definitive outline will only confuse your readers.

For your main points, always include case studies, statistics and examples where applicable. This will help prove your point and aiding you in producing high quality content. Remember to cite your resources.

You can also include relevant images where necessary. You may search for stock photos and Google images related to your topic. Visual data will also help you to back up your points.

Last but not least is your conclusion. Summarize and emphasize your previous points to prove your stance. Make it crystal clear of what your article is about.