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19 Aug
Why I remove all my blogs today?

I remove all my blogs today.

One of my audiences asked why?

The reason is very simple.

On the one hand, I do believe all these blogs cannot bring true values to my audience. On the other hand, I find new ways.

In the past years, it costed me thousands of US dollars to purchase various software, and most of them, I believe, are useless. My sole aim is to establish my Internet presence and creat some passive income by affiliate marketing.

I build this website to share what I have failed and achieved.

2023 see a game-changer marked by ChatGPT. I find many of my methods are obsolete.

Each day, I surf Internet and come across more new software and ideas which usually inspired me.

I decided to remove all my blogs when I came across systeme.io.

I do not want to elaborate the detail reason and just want to share how I use it and what I have learned to help my audience to do the same for an Internet presence leading to passive income.

I do hope I will bring you true value in the future.

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