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21 Feb
Tips on Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you reach out to your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can use email for many things such as selling products, sharing news, newsletters, blog updates, increasing shopping cart abandonment or telling stories.


1. Avoid bulk mailing and promoting offers

2. Types of Lead magnet

E-bookVideo seriesWebinarSurvey

Objective: to acquire email address and phone number  

3. Stop spamming and  selling without adding value

4. Types of Auto responders

MailerliteMail chimpActive CampaignAweber

5. Do not try selling to people right away

6. Having an understanding of traffic temperature


7. Nurturing audience
8. Customer value journey
9. Ways to generate revenue

Own programsAffiliate offersCreate awarenessProductsServicesBook reviews

10. The Golden rule is always recommending only what you use 
12. Schemes

  • Best subject lines
  • Emailing sequence
  • Resend strategy
  • Scaling
  • Best time to send the mails

14. Always committed to serve audience

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